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for another project do you know of anything that could get the obdII tach signal in to a regular tach signal???


  • any chance of a future RC export to Traqmate for analysis?
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    Hi, I have one sample file of Traqmate data, but I have no slight idea how to read that let alone writing :(

    Unfortunately usually the manufacturers make it hard to write the data and this way prevent the usage of their analysis software, without buying their hardware. I think this will be the case with Race Technology software too. RaceChrono will read it but not write (as it's easy to read but hard to write).

    You can of course ask Traqmate if they were willing to give the file format to you.
  • I have about 40 Traqmate data files that can be reviewed, but I think we would need Traqmate to cooperate to really get things to work.

    On the other side of things, I think I have figured out how to get Traqmate CSV export files to work in Racechrono
  • Ok, they export CSV? Those are probably easy to read, so import could be supported if it's needed. I guess no CSV import though?
  • no, only TQM files which are binary
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