Problems with Timer Backlight

RaceChronoVery nice software I would like to enjoy it but I have a big prolem. I installed it on a Samsung L870 (Simbian 3rd edition) and if I switch-on the option Timer Baclight to keep the screen enlighted in order to see the chrono during the sessions it happens that as soon as I select the "live timer" page the program suddenly stops and any data acquisition is interrupted. In essence when RaceChrono try to light the screen of the mobile phone any acquisition stops. Does anyone konw a way to solve this problem?



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    Hi, same issue has been reported on Samsung SGH-i450 too. Unfortunately I don't have a phone that this happens, and there are no S60 Samsungs available for me. What I would need is that somebody loaned me such phone for testing, and it would be possible to fix this.
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