Export just laptimes

I want to export laptimes with sector times, just as it shows in the Windows Mobile version. But when exporting in CSV, the information that is exported is too much... how could I have just laptimes?


  • I think you only can export best lap, selected lap (only one) or all laps. So I think need an option to exported selected laps (more than one). But I believe you can do invalidating all other laps that you don't want and doing "export all laps", you will export only the laps that you don't invalidate... correct me if I'm wrong
  • I meant that I want to have all laptimes, but just laptimes and not the data in between. The CSV file has one row for every second (my GPS records at 1 Hz) but this is something that I don't really need. I would like a kind of laptimes sheet, for checking laptimes.
  • Not possible yet, but is on my to-do list
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