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Hello there. Congrats on the great job done creating this program, i am just testing how it work but i have found it great already.

I have installed racechrono in my pda manually. When i try to import rece tracks the only options to its format are PERF.BOX (.dsf) and G2XTREME (.lap) but the files downloaded from here are .bin How do i install the tracks on my device?

I am also having some throuble with the internal GPS. The COPILOT navigation system i usually use founds 7 to 11 satellite conections, but the RaceChrono is always "No fix to satellites" i have check the settins in the program and the device and it seems to be all right. I am also looking to get some external GPS to test.

Thanks from Barcelona, Spain.


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    Copy the downloaded .bin track files to <selected storage>\RaceChrono\Tracks\ folder. Selected storage is the one selected in settings.

    Which phone and operating system (version) do you have? There are some problems with the internal GPS support on the Windows Mobile 6 phones.
  • Thanks aol.

    As i didn´t know where the tracks were saved i just created a track and then copy the .bin file into that folder, i can see it now, so #1 fixed.

    About the GPS, i am running the program in an ACER PocketPC C500 Handheld with Windows Mobile 5.01
    Found a friend with external GPS in case the internal doesn´t work.

    Thanks for the help.

    Oscar from BCN
  • You can try to use the internal through COM ports (you need to google how to do it). But there has been reports of similar problem, so I think you've run in to same.
  • Thanks again. The internal doesn´t work with racechrono, neither internal nor COM.
    I´ve got now a bluetooth GPS running through COM port and it works great. Now i just have to wait till the trackday in Calafat, Spain to enjoy your work. Thanks again.
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