help me on objects to buy....!!!!

Good morning, I'm an italian boy from Rome.


Is there some "pious soul" to tell me what I must buy, what it's preferible to buy, what I must download and which are steps to installation ?

In particular, I'm not "update" on gps, cellulars and electronic objects.

So, Please, May You help me to complete this diagram on what I must do? (I'm interested to a precise timing system):

1) buy a suitable cellular: which model? (I know that it's important the quality of external gps, not the quality of cellular ... but I don't understood if with a 5hz external gps setted on 1/100s it's important also the cellular's quality, cause more info to receive)

2) Download "RaceChrono version 1.30 released!" (what I must download from here?

3) which is the better external gps to buy? (first and second)

4) download also racechrono2avi (from here: ... but which version?)

5) download racetrack library (here for Italy:

5) what is the obd?... (I know only the obd cable to connect between car's ecu and notebook, but I don't think it is to intend here.. so, please, tell me what is it and which model I must buy?)

6) Do I must update some version of something (on cellular or other)?

... Then, Where/how/what Do I must do to run all things well?

Thanks, best regards, Manuel

ps.: last question: I have seen that from the end of may 2010 there will be a new version of racechrono. I'll use racechrono to the beginnig of new year, so if with the new version of racechrono there will be also an update of cellular/external gps/operative system model, perhaps it's better for me to answer for the next version or is it not important?


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    1. I'll let someone in Europe answer this since I am not familiar with the providers and phones available. In general you need a Symbian based Nokia or a Windows Mobile 5.x or 6.x phone/pda.

    2. What you download depends on which phone you get.

    3. The QStarz BT-818X is probably the most popular external GPS. Any of the QStarz 5Hz receivers with bluetooth should work.

    4. Racechono2Avi is to overlay gauges from the RC data export onto video, if desired.

    5. If you have an OBD2 (US after 1996) or EOBD (most of Europe after 2001/2) capable car you can buy a product like OBDKey Bluetooth that will allow you to acquire data from the Engine ECU, things like vehicle speed, RPM, throttle position etc. There is a sticky post with a list of cars and interfaces that have been tested in this forum.

    6. Again depends on the phone you chose, but in general all you need to do is install the program and configure the GPS and OBD interfaces.

    PS ?. Aol can probably better answer this question, but whatever you buy will likely be supported by the next version of RC. I don't think he's planning on dropping support for any current platforms.
  • Yep, that covers it quite well, I guess. The phone model is matter of taste. My own favorite is still Nokia 5800. There will be cheaper Nokia 5230 soon, which might be better value for money.
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