RaceChrono v1.36 beta 1 known issues

Version 1.36 known issues for all platforms:
    Nothing so far.

Symbian (S60) version 1.36 known issues:
    [li]Phone crash when lights go out in Samsung SGH-i450 and L870. Anybody else experiencing this? Can anyone loan me such phone so I can fix this? [fixed in next beta] [li]Samsung InnoV8 / 8510 backlight trouble (phone freezes). Workaround is to turn RaceChrono backlight setting to "Always off". Use "S60SpotOn" application to turn on the backlight if needed. [fixed in next beta] [li]Nokia E62 backlight on not kept light up. Please turn backlight "Always off" from RC settings and use "spoton" software to keep them on. [probably fixed in next beta] [li]Nokia E82 backlight on not kept light up, anyone else experiencing this? [probably fixed in next beta] [li]Nokia N95 and N95 8GB have problems with QSTARZ BT-Q818X and QSTARZ BT-Q818 eXtreme receivers. Firmware update on the phone supposedly helps, please let me know if you run in to this one. Not RaceChrono issue, but common never the less.

Windows Mobile version 1.36 known issues (not released yet!):
    [li]IMPROTANT: If you're having problems with installation, there one common thing to go wrong. Please use "save as file" when clicking the download link, so you save the .CAB file to your disk instead opening it. Then copy the .CAB file to your device and open it there. [li]Number editors accept text as well [li]WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack not supported. If you have it, please configure your GPS and RaceChrono to use a COM: port instead. [will be fixed (hopefully) in next beta] [li]Loosing editor focus when coming back from another applications (WM std) [li]Internal GPS setting does not work with HTC P3300 WM 6.0 (but does work with WM 5.0). Any other users experiencing from this?

Feel free to continue the thread with any issues you've found. Please also mention which platform are you using.


  • One thing I have found using v1.35 Beta 1 on a Nokia 6110 Navigator:
    1. Load a previous session.
    2. Try to set the comparison lap as a lap from a different session. It will say that it is "Loading Session" and hang, i.e. it doesn't present the laps from the other session for you to choose as a comparison.

    The only way to exit RaceChrono is to close the application from the task manager.
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    I see. Good find, thanks! I will fix this soon.
  • dear Antti,
    is there available a 1.35beta version of wondeful racechrono ?
  • For S60 3rd and 5th edition phones: http://www.racechrono.com/news/?p=242

    For Windows computers and S60 2nd edition phones: http://www.racechrono.com/download/

    For Windows Mobile phones: Not yet, but soon!
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    2 days too late for my Hill Climb on Saturday. But I have one coming up in Nov 28!

    Antti, you are in my Xmas list!

    EDIT: Damn I jsut change the setting. I thought I cracked but I did not :(
  • Yeah, you can change the start line to standing start, and it will recalculate your sessions. I hope the feature works all right. If not just e-mail me some sessions where are problems :)
  • It did recalculate alright... it says I was not as fast as before.... **sad**
  • That works very well indeed. It does demonstrate the GPS drift between runs though, which could account for slight variations in timing. The odd tenth here and there, I think.
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    The start is timed from the point the car moves. So if there is GPS drift, the start is timed correctly, but the finish point has drifted.

    The same problem is also noticed when the GPS drift happens while on lap on a normal circuit. But all other laps are correct, as the drift on start and finish are the same. :) Oh well, GPS is not perfect ...
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    Also it should be noticed that not all standing start races are timed from the point when car moves. But for RaceChrono this is probably the right way to do it. Sometimes it's determined by the clock, so your reaction time also adds to the official time.
  • We are timed from the moment the car starts. Reaction is not included, although some events are done by stopwatch, which has to include the reaction of the timekeeper. Previously, I was using start and finish lines, which drifted together. Now, only the finish line drifts, as you say. Still, it makes a tiny difference from what I can see. This standing start feature is brilliant!
  • On E71 is impossible to install the application (problem with certificate)
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    bussov6: you need to join the beta group first, and then wait for next binary (I need to add phones manually to the group). Here's the instructions: http://www.racechrono.com/news/?p=35
  • Mail sended!!
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    Released beta 2 today. New phones added to the Symbian beta group, and the comparison session problem fixed, and the beta is now available for Windows Mobile too.

    Download links available here for beta 2: http://www.racechrono.com/news/?p=242
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    Sorry, the v1.35 beta contained nasty bug in live timer (it did not show splits properly). I've made the beta unavailable until I get this one fixed. Sorry for the trouble.
  • Are you including the latest IMEIs to your beta group or beta3?
  • Yeah. I should have it out today.
  • Beta 3 is now available. New IMEIs added to Symbian packages.
  • I will be testing 1.35beta3 at the Nordschleife tomorrow.
  • Remember that you can always downgrade to v1.30 if you start having problems :)
  • Good timing on the email Antti, I have a track day today. Looking forward to it.

  • Using Samsung Omnia I900, winmo version, Race chrono failed to record in background if another navigation software is on..My case using garmin Mobile XT.

    This is not a problem if i run race chrono in the background with Garmin running simultaneously in nokia Symbian phone.

    Similar problem using RC V1.30 in background of omnia I900
  • stimix: what kind of settings did you use for GPS on the Navigator? COM port or "Managed by Operating System?"
  • It's auto using Garmin MXT...should be 'managed by OS". currently on Omnia it's com 3. i suspect Winmo can't share the same com port if one of the navigator is on?
  • If it's "managed by OS" then it can be shared, but if it's accessing it through COM ports, then not.
  • But no matter how I try, it can't share..If I run Garmin MXT, race chrono stopped & after switching off garmin MXT, race chrono started recording again...abit weird...The setting & comport after installing garmin MXT is automatically detected.
  • I can't install 1.35 Beta 3, it say "impossible to install, restricted by the certificate"

    I have to unnistall first the old version?
  • No, you need to join the beta group. If you are already a member, maybe your phone has changed?
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    I'm not in any beta group, that can be the problem :)

    I will wait for the final version, or use the software "signsis"... :P
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