HTC Touch HD

IS the Racechrono software working with the HTC Touch HD yet? Searched the forum and could only find promises to update in teh next version.


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    Hi, did you try the version for Windows Mobile touchscreen phones? It should work.

    Or do you mean the Widcomm issue?
  • Haven't tried any yet. I'm due an upgrade and want to make sure what I have my eye on is compatible. From what you say, it should be.

  • RaceChrono should run on it yes. Can't say if it will run perfectly as I don't own Touch HD.
  • Hmm. What about Android OS. is it working with that yet?
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    Nope. Android or iPhone is not supported. Only windows mobile and symbian (s60) currently.
  • HTC Touch HD likely uses the WidComm BT stack, so you may have issues running both an external GPS and OBD reader simultaneously (due to limited number of serial ports you can assign). Most of the recent HTC models only have the WidComm stack, which RaceChrono doesn't support natively (yet).
  • I don't think Touch HD uses it. Probably the Touch HD2 does but not HD. Anyhow, the WIDCOMM fix is coming, just been too busy to finish it.
  • It's a problem then. I preferably want to stay with my AS (Orange) due to the coverage and lets not forget it's a phone foremost. I don't like Nokia phones and prefer business phones to gimmick ones. I wanted a touch screen so the timer could be set from the yoke of the bike as I leave pit lane. Going to have to keep trawling the mags.
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    yes, it works perfectly on Touch HD.

    I'm using it with QStarz BT-818X + OBDKey. Everything works fine.

    here is my vid with Racechrono
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