Older phones? Do they work as well?


I'm looking for a phone for Racechrono. It wont be used as an actual phone, just purely for Racechrono, so cheapest is best! but I was wondering if the older compatible phones say an 6630 or an old PPC2003 device would be powerful enough. I'm planning on using it with a 5hz BT GPS receiver, so naturally want it to work as it should!!

Also, will older phones remain compatible with newer releases?


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    I can't guarantee any specific model, but I do testing with new devices as well as old devices. Three oldest devices in my test set are iPAQ PPC 2003 device, Nokia 6670 and Nokia N70. In my opinion RaceChrono runs remarkably well on the older Nokias. But not entirely happy with the PPC2003 support. It does work fine but is a bit clunky.

    Remember that the resolution etc is not very good on these devices. But cheap they are.

    Of course I can not guarantee that these old devices will be supported forever (or even in the next version), but right now I don't have plans to drop any. And it's not like you used a lot of money buying the device :)
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