Display of ideal speed

Whether the program on the basis of the best sections of a track can display ideal speed?

For example, I have passed two circles, and on the third at passage of a site the program displays to me on the basis of the passed circles that in the given point of a line it is better to me to hold such speed.


  • Good idea in theory, but it might be too dangerous. It can show too high speed in mistake. Also draws away driver attention in tricky spots (corners).
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    It is purely information it is very useful.
    To understand how much well you you go on the given piece.

    If such function is, the driver can see good how much every second it has entered into corner, and especially with what speed left.

    And if the driver does not have brains it will press certainly on gas without taking into account that ahead corner. Such in general on a track it is impossible.
  • I'm not sure I could look at the RaceChrono display, the speedometer of the car and adjust my speed whilst holding the correct line in real-time. I'm pretty certain that I'd go slower or crash if I attempted it.
  • too many variables for any "device" to even attempt to set optimum speed...our brains are calculating and correcting faster and better because we are getting the sensory data from the seat, steering wheel and all surfaces our body contacts...and even sound.

    I agree...interesting concept but unpredictable and extremely dangerous imho.
  • It only for the information would be useful.

    But if cut the given idea I will offer another:
    To display on the screen somehow how much well you go from the beginning of a circle concerning the best total circle, it is possible in seconds + / - and it is possible in the form of a scale.
  • I can see the benefit for a bar graph that shows your current lap compared to your best lap. To explain further, a bar graph with the zero point being at the midpoint on the screen. The graph grows red to the left, denoting a slower lap and green to the right showing a faster lap. If it was possible to show this in near real-time (0.3Hz - 1Hz), that'd be superb! That way, you know instantly whether you're slower or faster and can decide whether to cool the lap or carry on. Also, you can see whether you're faster on a particular bend, enabling you to compare two lines. The time from the centre of the screen to the edge would probably best be around a second, although perhaps it'd be configurable.

    How possible's that? I know STACK used to do it about 15 years ago on their dash.
  • Yep that's possible. Good idea.
  • the bar graph as Andy stated is currently used on Traqmate in "qualifying mode" with segments. http://is.gd/687tT
  • That's standard split timing on the DriftBox. RaceChrono supports that - just select Live Timer mode when recording a session and use up/down (or it might be left/right - I forget) to select which mode you want. You may find one screen orientation gives you more information than another. I find it most useful to have the screen in portrait.
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