RaceChrono does not detect laps!

Hello, everyone!

I've tried to record my laps using WinMo version. I've created a new track, added a trap(using coordinates) and started a new session.
RaceChrono has correctly saved my traveled route with about 6 "laps" on it. But still no lap times are available. Then I've deleted the start/finish trap and added new one by the point of my route. Re-checked direction, tried different line widths... No result.
Then I tried to copy session data and track to use with desktop and Nokia versions. Nothing is changed. I can see the route, can modify the trap, but still "no laps".
Does someone have an idea of what am I doing wrong?
I could send session and track data by e-mail for investigations.


  • Please send the session (-nmea.txt) to tracks(at)racechrono.com
  • Something strange happens to this world =)
    I've imported the NMEA data that was ready to be sent, added new trap and the laps have suddenly appear.
    Although, I've performed a test on other location today, and the results are the same: no laps.
  • Hmm... It should not make difference if it's imported or live recording. I will need to do some testing with the NMEA you've sent me.
  • I've tested 1.36. It works OK with live/NMEA-imported data. Although, "old" sessions(that was recorded using 1.30 and have not been re-imported) still work wrong. It seems, that nmea and binary data are slight different in 1.30.
    Anyway, thanks for your help! =)
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    Yes, the old sessions don't work because the NMEA parsing was wrong (binary data is a result of parsed and processed NMEA). You need to import the old NMEA to make it work.
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