Windows Mobile 6.5

Hi, I'm new here and I'd lioke to know if RC works with the latest Windows Mobile 6.5
I'm buying a new smartphone, so I need to know that because I want a phone that runs RC and I cant find any info about it.
Thanks in advance.

Riccardo from Italy


  • Hi Riccardo, yes it does work with WM 6.5. Some 6.5 phones, like the Touch HD2 have WIDCOMM bluetooth, which the current version has some trouble. Two users are testing my new WIDCOMM version, and have reported no problem with it.
  • Thank you for your extra fast answer.
    I cant undertand what's the exact HCT phone that you have mentioned. Is it the HTC Touch2 or the HTC HD2, or both? The Touch2 is at the topof wy current wishlist, but if it will not work properly with RC, i'll point another phone.
    Thanks again
  • I think the new version will work properly, but I understand if you don't want to risk it.
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