Crossing Finish line twice

I hillclimb my car and at a number of tracks we cross the finish line twice or again in the opposite direction. Race Chrono collects data and stops at the first crossing. I have used the first crossing as a trap and the second as the finish but it does not seem to work. Am I expecting too much or do I need to change some settings.


  • Woops I reviewed the data and all is well it works fine sorry for that
  • I have now had time to look at the data and although the program records the start, traps and finish. The lap timing stops when the car passes the finish line the first time.
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    If the second time is different direction, this should work. Can you check the finish line properties, if the "Unidirectional" is enabled? If it is enabled, the finish line bearing is wrong, as it should not be registered when coming from the opposite direction.

    If first and second crossing is same direction, there is no way to fix it. RaceChrono will always stop the clock on first (correct direction) crossing of the finish line.
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    Sorry to bump this old thread.

    But having just run in my first hill climb (I've used RC for ages on circuits with great success), it's become an issue for me.

    As one timing point is passed twice, once as a split, and the second time as the finish line (and in an upcoming 'two-lap' event, will be passed three times). Both passes are in the same direction.

    Can I suggest, the following ideas to improve RC in this instance.
    - Allow each trap to have a "pass count", i.e. on a usual circuit track, the pass count would be 1. in the hill climb example above, it'd be 2 (or 3), each pass adds a new split time.

    - Have each trap a sequential number, so you have to pass each one in turn, in this case, the hill climb circuit would have two overlapped traps one would be triggered the first time passed, and the second trap would be finished at the finish.

    - Have a system where if a trap gets passed multiple times, automatically add an extra split time point. (this one could be difficult in real life with accidental triggers?)

    If needed I can post a picture/data to help explain if the above isn't clear.
    Track is here:,149.236817&spn=0.002425,0.005681&t=h&z=18

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