RaceChrono version 0.41 released!

[H3]RaceChrono version 0.41 released![/h3]
Go to download page to download the new version of RaceChrono.

Check out detailed Change log for more information on the changes.

Also see the new manual project that was started for the new features.

This version includes a new feature for importing from PerformanceBox (and DriftBox) format. Just use the same memory card in your mobile phone as in your PerformanceBox (microSD/miniSD through an adapter), and you are able to analyze your laps recorded with PerformanceBox on your RaceChrono mobile phone, without a laptop computer!

The second new feature is Exporting to CSV (Excel) and KML (Google Earth and Google Maps) formats. Finally you can export your RaceChrono laps or routes to your PC. It's not a full PC support, but it's a start.

Thirdly your straight and corner speeds can noew be viewed. Just open a completed lap and toggle to speeds mode to see your speeds.


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    If there is an import for PerformanceBox (and DriftBox) format, why not make an export for the same device too?

    Edit - this would then maybe make it possible to look at racechrono generated files using PerformanceBox (and DriftBox) PC software?
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    I first considered doing it, but it turned out that reading is easier than writing. They use a "proprietary" checksum on their files, so an export functionality would require some reverse engineering (the box or the PC software).
  • No serious bugs found so far, so I've decided to release this now.
  • Hey aol, wow you've been busy. Just did the upgrade. I'm guessing that any old sessions wont be fully compatible with this new ver? I'm back to the track in December.
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    Hi Floody, I always try to make new versions to support all old sessions. Only the "satellite count color" is not shown for the old sessions in this version. You should be able to view your corner and straight speeds for your old sessions, and export the sessions to google earth or excel.
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    Hi aol, first I would like to thank you for creating this great piece of software. I have not had a chance to test rev0.41 properly yet as I have not been on-track since dowlading. I have been testing whilst doing regular journeys on the road e.g. coming home from work so I can get used to the software.

    I have noticed that after downloading the latest version of the software I can not re-start (/ add to ) a session originally saved with the previous version. Not a big problem during a single trackday but has slowed my testing down as I can now not add to sessions I have already started. Keep up the great work!
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    This is by design, sorry for the inconvenience. To facilitate new features I've had to change the file format. Next version will have again a new format. The old formats are read by future versions, but you cannot resume them anymore.

    You can still compare to the old sessions by setting the comparison. It's not as convenient, but it works.

    Also, I probably need to set a time limit for the resume functionality, because the time stamp format can handle only 24 days, after which it will start from 0 again. Also when you have massively long sessions, everything starts getting slower and slower. I'm gradually optimizing the performance of course.

    I'm glad you like the software!
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