In wince5 i can't run the racechrono!

In wince5 i can't run the racechrono! HELP run this aplication!
RaceChrono version 1.40 for touchscreen Windows Mobile devices. If downloading on PC, select to Save file (not Open file).
Supported OS versions: Windows PocketPC 2003 and PocketPC 2003 SE

The message is:
Cannot find 'Racechrono' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the requiered libraries are available.


  • For WM5 touchscreen copy "" on your system.
    Then you have to start the cab file on the mobile system itself.

    i have tested with my iPaq and wm5, RC work perfectly.
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    Is for Pioneer AvicF900Bt what mount WinCE 5! the CPU is Centrality ARM1136JF-S-TN2X0A

    The not execute only RaceChrono_v1400_PPC2003!

    What problem?
  • Windows CE is not officially supported by RaceChrono. Notice WM and CE is different OS.
  • Ok!
    Exist other aplication as Racechrono for WinCe5?
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