Problem with downloading on Nokia E61 (browser problem)


I downloaded the software on my e61(which i've just bought off ebay) but it will not run

phone comes up with the message 'installation of racechrono is not supported'

the phone is locked to vodafone uk.

Do I need to get it unlocked? if so who should I get it done by?



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    Hello, did you try to disable Symbian Signed checks first? Please see our manual in the downloads sections from "2.1 Turning off Symbian Signed verification".
    (Also you should download the "3rd edition" version, not the "2nd edition".

    EDIT: Problem solved: The phone's web browser did not support installation of unsigned content, but accepted the software through Bluetooth (also transfer via memory card and e-mail should work). Incorrenct instructions removed :-)
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    have turned the symbian off as per manual

    have tried several downlaods but with no luck
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    FIxed it!!!

    For some reason the phone was trying to run the program through the browser and not download it. I downloaded it on another phone and bluetoothed the files accross and it worked. Tried it out on the way to work. Very good piece of software!

    My first use on track will be at the weekend.
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    Sorry about my incorrect instructions. I did not realize you were trying to download it with the web browser.

    Also we have not run in to this problem before on E61 at all. On E50 and E60, yes. On some old firmware Nokia's Web Browser does not accept unsigned content, but installation through Bluetooth, Memory Card or E-Mail works fine.

    I hope you enjoy the software!
  • The software is superb. I'm able to use it as a teaching aid in car on track and on the airfield that I use for car control (I make a sprint course as part of the day).

    I found in lotus elises that the bluetooth signal is disrupted by the wiper motor if you place the gps unit too close to it. Other than that it has worked very well.
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