Sony Ericsson phones symbian.

I just want to ask if it will be possible to use the software with the Sony Ericsson version of symbian UIQ operating system.
I am asking as I had a Nokia N95 but due to massive problems with the phone and 5 different handsets I have had to swap to one which works and that is a K850i Sony Ericsson. I know the Nokia is a good base as there are so many out there but it has been to problematic for me and I love your system but cannot cope with new handsets every couple of months.


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    RaceChrono currently runs only on S60 2nd and 3rd editions, so using in UIQ is not possible. Sorry to hear your bad Nokia experiences, for me these S60 devices have been great. Porting to UIQ is possible in future, since the operating systems are relatively similar (GUI classes are different). But as you said S60 has far the best user base, so going with S60 makes most sense at this early stage.
  • Thanks for the reply. I was unhappy with the service from Nokia and having a new phone every few weeks was not practical. The N95 had too many problems and I did not have an option to choose another Nokia to match the N95 spec and I had to use Sony. If you do make it available to the UIQ phones I would be very very happy as I wanted to use your software with my Blackline GPS receiver. It had been very accurate and now I have an expensive GPS reciver which is only fit for sat nav with my PDA!
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    Unfortunately I cannot offer any quick solutions from the software side. You have the Blackline Fuel GPS? It is really cool, I'm going to use as my reference unit next season. Too bad the price is around $800 + taxes, otherwise this might be very popular with RaceChrono.

    Maybe you could buy an used Nokia phone just for RaceChrono. No need to have a SIM on it. Just some 3rd edition device, they should start from 50 euros on ebay. My favorite 'old' phones are 6120 classic and e61. The 6120 classic is really small, and e61 has very large display. Also cheapest new 3rd edition phones start from 200 EUR (without contract).
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    Yes I was going to be the UK importer for Blackline GPS but they wanted a few things which were not acceptable to us as an importer and distributor in the UK.Long story but we had to let them go.

    I will look at getting an older Nokia. But the old ones I had needed the SIM card to actually work.
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    AFAIK, SIM was required in 2nd phones and this was changed for 3rd phones. For my test phones I just buy the cheapest prepaid SIMs to be able to test data connections. This is needed to be able to download tracks directly, but you can also move them manually to your memory card.
  • Hmmm, not sure - my 6680 doesn't require a SIM to work. YMMV, of course...
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