Been testing race chrono with the htc hd2 and I noticed accross the forums people were stuggling with getting bt to work. I havent brought a bt external gps yet but when I tried it with the internal gps It came up with some strange outputs. Just testing on the road or on a walk it doesnt show me driving/walking in a striaght line it goes very jaggedy like I would expect if I was on the way home from a long night at the town or something (I wasnt when testing mind) Still I took it to the track to see how it went there. For some reason on the track (mallory park) theres less jaggedness but it seemed to drop reception alot on different parts of the track so there were alot of straight lines, and also it didnt match up to the gates which came with the map so I only ended up with 1 or 2 laps (all day) unless I extended the gates.

Now my question is, is it the htc hd2 which causes this or could it be the internal gps? I was looking at getting a Qstarz 818 but theres no point in doing this if my htc cant cope with the program. Cheers for any responce


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    Trying to connect an external GPS and normally everything become OK.
  • Yep, the internal GPS are not too good for racing
  • Ah cracking ok then Ill grab me an external gps then cheers again :D
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