Recomended GPS receiver

Can anyone recomend a good cheep GPS receiver as there seeme to be tons on e-bay but not sure about compatibility and quality.

It's for an N73



  • Basically all of them should work all right.

    In addition to one we are selling (MTK chipset, 5 Hz edition), I could recommend a SirfStarIII chipset based unit (1 Hz). Also if you can find one that has connection for external antenna, you might consider that a bonus.
  • Do you have any experience with the GlobalTop GPS recievers? I have tried the G66 and seemed to work well for me but have nothing to compare it to. Claimed to be 5Hz, is cheap, compact and readily available on ebay. Any thoughts? Top work on the software by the way. I'm glad to see a donation box here now too, I'll gladly support your efforts.
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    Some of the GlobalTop receivers are available with the 5 Hz MTK chipset, should be close to any other MTK based receiver brand. Can't go much wrong with MTK.

    One of my users send me data recorded with GlobalTop G33 (5 Hz), and the data looked very good to me. But remember big part of data quality is the receiver installation!Might be easier to find a good place on a bike (tail section!) than a car (windshield, roof etc).
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    I submitted a new track a couple of days ago that I recorded using the G66. Seemed to work very well with no dropouts (at least no obvious ones). Just taped it to the dashboard of my VX220/Speedster and it worked a treat whilst being all but invisible due to the size.

    Got another trackday at the weekend and will be having another play with it in combination with the latest beta to see how the new accelerometer logging works on the N95 8Gb. Also have a new N96 coming next week so it will be interesting to see if that works as well.
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