What GPS receiver works with Toshiba TG-01 Windows Mobile 6.5

Hi everyone.
First of all let me say NICE WORK with this GREAT program!
Now back to the matter at hand...I have a Toshiba TG-01 phone with Windows mobile 6.5.
The program runs great on the phone but the internal GPS receiver isn't really accurate when it comes to recording lap times. Can you recommend a GOOD Bluetooth GPS receiver please.
I want to record some lap times with my KZ 125ccm kart (goes very fast), so I need a very accurate GPS receiver.
Thanks a lot :)

P.S. Will a Qstarz BT-Q818XT 10Hz GPS receiver work with my phone/OS? How accurate is it?


  • I think it is perfect choice! 818xt is very good one, I ave now 818x (5Hz), used for karting, but few days ago ordered 818xt.
  • Thanks KAC. Just bought one from e-bay.
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