Lap date/time info and export/import

Any plans to include a way to see the date, and time each lap were done? A way to export and import sessions, from phone to phone over bluetooth or sms would also be nice.


  • A way to set your own names on the different sectors instead of Sector 1, Sector 2 etc. Had also made it easier to understand where on the track you are slower or faster on.
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    Bluetooth transfer (swap) of sessions is something I've needed to do for too long ... never got around doing it since it's not trivial. Actually I'm planning to send only one lap at a time to make it faster, also you may not always want to show all the laps to others. :-)

    The time stamp to exports is important, on my to do list now.

    Sector naming is hard, since it consists of two splits, start split and end split. RaceChrono does not know which ones they will be before there is a lap (also a sector can be different due to different track variation or bad GPS data). So only way to name them would be automatically "<start> to <end>". Since the results view header space is limited, only "<star.." would be displayed. I try to come up with a solution to improve this...
  • Regarding time/date I was more thinking about the possibility to see on your phone, when the laps were done. So that you are sure that you compare laps done under the same conditions for example, if the weather changes and so on. Later it can also be interesting even to know what year they were done.
  • Ok, I'll try to figure out how to implement this, it's not as easy as it sounds :-)
  • Well, probably this is asking too much, but to have rival's times even once at lap (gap at start/finish line) would be awesome. Already, congratulations for this great program, we are some karting enthusiasts and this piece of software has been incredibly helpful. A donation is on the way :)
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