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Was introduced to RaceChrono a few weeks back and just wanted to say thanks for a great application and for finally justifying why I chose to get the N95 8Gb. It's now given me a reason to carry on trying to get to grips with the S60 user interface after many years of Sony Ericsson's.

Am watching with interest further developments, especially potential lateral G data capture/export. With that in mind, is there a specific way an N95 should be mounted in a car in order to make these measurments as accurate as possible (i.e. should the phone be exactly horizontal or vertical, etc)?

Thanks again for your continuing development efforts!


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    I haven't done a lot of testing the accelerometers yet, so can't comment too much on them. When using the internal GPS, I'd recommend mounting the phone on the windshield with some suction cup mount. Also it's recommended to keep the slider open on N95, which gives best signal quality.
  • Sorry for my ignorance.
    Nokia and other new top mobile phone have internal accelerometer sensor,
    but Racechrono use it ?
    I've not "seen" this feature in the software, but the proposal to achieve lateral acceleration (and also longitudinal one) is interesting.
    May this proposal add to the WISH LIST ?
  • It is not currently supported, but certainly something what would be really cool.
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    RaceChrono v1.02 beta now logs the accelerometer data (on phones where it's available). The data is currently just saved to NMEA, not used other way YET. :)
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    Hey Antti, will the position of mount critical in the reading. I mean, mounting it landscape or protrait?

    I am going to mount it like so.

  • Just have exactly same position throughout the session. I can calculate the position in 3D if it stays the same.
  • I promise I will not drive upside down ok!?
  • Here's a link to a site for a program that uses the iphone's accelerometer as a performance meter.
    Might be of some help to set it up with race chrono.
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