a question and a suggestion - accelerometer


first of all, i have a question: say i'm using "60 feet" setting. When does it start counting a new go? from a complete stop? how long have i to be in a complete stop for it to count a new go?

next a suggestion: it currently has 0-100, 80-120, 100-200 accelerations. Would be nice to have custom acceleration, say 0-40 or 0-50.

and finally: would be GREAT if it could also use accelerometer for lateral g and acceleration calculation. I would think that should be a tad more accurate? gtech and similar products use them in great accuracy..

hope to hear your thoughts :)


  • It starts new run if the speed drops enough. Don't remember how much it was, I have to look it up from source code. But a complete stop is not needed at all (useful for 80-120 tests).

    Custom tests are in my to-do list, it's coming :) I'll investigate the acceleration sensors when I have more time. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • Thanks for great application! ..and I eagerly await the additions :)
  • also, please add setting to change how frequent data is logged, so that we could save some space..
  • upupup custom test!!! fast for this mod please, is most important!!!
    is not too hard to make it... in 1 week can you make it?
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    You can export the data as a csv, import it into Excel and get whatever test you want then... Using the internal accelerometer as a go point is a good idea as there is obviously a small error produced by assuming a sharp change between stationary and moving.

    The GPS data that I've collected is not very good for acceleration data, you have to smooth it out a lot. I put this down to the inaccuracy of the GPS points and a 5Hz this is a large % error unfortunately. The speed data is quite smooth so I just use this to compare runs etc. Applying an averaging to the Acc. data does improve results but they're still a bit rough unfortunately...

    Comparing G force data to the Racechrono data this looks to be approx. 0.1s error on a hard standing start, 0-100kph 5.4s.
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