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do anybody know, how export route to gpx format please? It was possible in symbian version, but now I can export only in csv and so on. I need it for imaging on these website: http://utrack.crempa.net/index_en.php

Or do you know any other site, where can I view my route? I would like to see graph - speed x time and speed x distance.

Thank you much in advance


  • Hi Paja, yes it was never implemented after re-wrote the app to Android. GPX is rather easy to implement so I could take a look at it when I next do work on exporting...
  • Hi, I'm running the latest version (6.2.1), but I still can't export GPX format file. Is RC still going to add this function in?
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    It was never added as it's not very much used in motorsports applications, as GPX format lacks speed information. This is the reason why there's no GPX import feature either. Speed calculated from position change is not nearly as accurate as the speed calculated from the doppler effect.

    While I might still consider adding this, you can already export in NMEA and convert that to GPX.
  • If you really want this, try it.

    1. export to Performance/Circuit Tools (.vbo)
    2. in "Racelogic - Driftbox Tools", Tools -> To Google Earth. You can get "KML file"
    3. using "GPSBabel", Input "Google Earth" / Output "GPX XML"

    and you can get many data from Driftbox Tools.
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