RaceChrono v1.00 for S60 known issues

List of RaceChrono v1.00 known issues:
    [li]Can not edit driver name, if no driver names defined to previous sessions. [li]GPX export problem with "traveled route" scope: Extra <trg> and <trgseg> tags at the end of the file. [li]Graph viewer hangs when viewing OBD-II RPM over 8195. Problem goes away when the session is reloaded. [li]OBD-II time stamp issues.

Please continue the list when you run in to something. You can also submit bug reports through the feedback form in About page.


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    All these are fixed in v1.02 beta. Please join the beta group, if you want to try these fixes.
  • I just tried the 1.02 Beta on my 2003 VW GTI. In Checking the .CSV export, I found the Throttle Position is always zero, even though the box is checked. I saw another entry for "Relative throttle position" Should I try this? RPM and OBDII Speed worked correctly. I can't seem to find the Beta Forum, so am posting this here.
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    Enable all throttle position channels and then log a test session like that. Send the logged NMEA file of that session from \RaceChrono\Sessions\*-nmea.txt to me at tracks(at)racechrono.com.

    Only the "Throttle Position" channel is exported to the throttle position field, but I can fix that for next version with your log files.
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