Session Rolling Lap Time

I would love to see my best rolling lap time for a completed session. I assume the math would be as simple as calculating based on each Split Marker versus just the Start / Stop Split Marker.
Thanks! RaceChrono is a really great app -- keep it up!


  • Hi Dan, not sure if I understand this 100%, can you explain it with a few more sentences, please?
  • For the best rolling lap time, it would show the fastest *consecutive* splits making up a full lap rather than the best theoretical lap which pieces the fastest splits from an entire session without considering them to be consecutive. For best rolling lap time, all split markers would be considered as a start/stop marker to find the fastest lap for a session. The rolling best lap time in my previously-used Trackmaster app was typically slightly faster than my standard best lap time. I hope that helped explain myself and my request.
  • Great idea, thanks for pointing this out! Will definitely implement it.
  • Stumbled upon this concept here:
    Looks like a useful thing for HPDE events, where any start-to-finish lap can be interfered by traffic.
  • edited March 2021
    Another feature buried in my TO-DO list for too long. I'll pick this up.
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