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  • @aol how is the frequency shown in the data screen calculated? I am debugging v3 of my data logger (moving to ESP32 microcontroller) and I am getting strange update frequencies in the app but when I look at the debug NMEA logging file it looks like I get records 25/s. I need to look deeper but since this thread is related to update freq thought I would see how its calculated in the app.

    With my project I get a while at 25Hz and then it dies off to 1-5Hz

    Thanks, Jeff
  • I think it's better to have this in separate thread.

    The update rate calculation is pretty complicated: It's first the number of updates per second in a 2000ms window, and then a 2000ms moving average is applied on top of that. If the update rate dies off to 1-5 Hz, I think it reflects the actual updates recorded, I think you need to look further in to your NMEA. Let me know if you cannot figure it out.
  • @aol , thanks for the information. And I agree it reflects something not right :) Seems I have a heap corruption issue within my code as letting it run for a while under certain circumstances ends badly. Though it is still rather useful to know how the rate is calculated

    Thanks, Jeff
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