Samsung Galaxy 5 Video Will Not Lock Infinity Focus Inside RC Pro

I have the same problem as ysu reported previously. My Samsung Galaxy S5 video WILL lock at infinity focus perfectly when I use it outside of RaceChrono Pro. Inside your app, the on-image "tap to lock" focus function is not available. The RC video control box "infinity" setting does not lock focus. Any other ideas?


  • aolaol
    edited February 2018
    So it still searches for focus on "Infinity focus" setting?

    What happens when you put it to "Auto focus" and press the "Focus lock" button (so it becomes green)? This button should work pretty much same as "tap to lock" on the Camera app.

    If it still doesn't work, you could try "Expert settings > Camera API version > Force API v2 (beta)". Try if infinity focus works there. The focus lock feature is still only partially working in API v2, so do not expect that to work. If it doesn't work then switch back to "Expert settings > Camera API version > Automatic".

  • Thanks, aol.
    I didn't know there was a "lock focus" button until you wrote, above. Today, I got a chance to try that lock focus feature. It works! Thanks. Note that the lock has to be set every time a new session is started.
  • Yes, that's the drawback. You can till try the Camera v2 support if you like.
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