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  • minimal_warrior: That has SIRF3 chipset which is 1 Hz and quite old. I think it will work all right for casual use, just remember that the data quality will be closer to internal GPS than a good modern Bluetooth GPS.
  • Aol i have the samsung s5. Youse my phone for gps or the extern gps from my dad?
  • minimal_warrior: I think the external GPS will be better, but cannot tell for sure.
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    Hi aol,

    A few of my friends are using Holux M1200E as external BT receivers since these are the cheapest MTK2 option currently available.

    They work great, but it seems that RaceChrono doesn't automatically switches them to 5hz, they need to do it manually using BT747, and the setting is lost every time the receiver runs out of battery.

    Do you know why RC would not automatically put them in 5hz mode?
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    The automatic function was disabled couple of years ago due to Bluetooth problem on some Android 4.x versions. I've put TO-DO for it to have it in expert settings, but please do not expect quick resolution as I have huge TO-DO list currently.
  • OK, I must have missed that since I've never used the Android version, still using my good old Nokia instead... I'll try someday, I promise :D
  • So I just got the app am I understanding y'all correct? The XGPS is the unit to get? And pair that with the OBDLink LX and I should be good?
    Also how do we do the G forces? Is that another unit we need or is it calculated with the app?
  • Stolly350z, XGPS160 or Garmin GLO are the ones to pick currently. OBDLink LX and MX work great. G-forces are calculated currently from GPS.
  • OK thanks alot!
  • I have a Garmin GLO. What is the best position/orientation to get accurate G-forces? Should I align the long side with the direction of the car, and mount it completely horizontal, or it does not matter?
  • For information I just trried the XGPS160 and Garmin GLO, the Garmin is far and away more accurate, the XGPS160 was returned. When I drove around with the XGPS160 it would often not even mark me as being on the road - it would end up with a 10-20m offset, and repeated journeys along the same path would vary by 10-20m sideways. (Even when it was reporting an accuracy of 1m) The Garmin on the other hand normally places me on the correct side of the road and repeated journeys along the same path overlay properly. The Garmin does skip the odd point - achieving 8Hz instead of 10Hz sometimes but this really doesn't matter and the accuracy is so much better.
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    My experience with the XGPS160 is that its pretty bad positional accuracy most of the time. while the 818xt was not as reliable, its position was good (when good) and reeaaaaaallllyy bad (when bad). the XGPS160 was just not accurate about position. The GLO had the best position accuracy and reliability, but its not 10hz, and when I contacted Tech support about the 10Hz issues, they balked and ignored me. Eventually I returned both and stuck with the 818XT.

    I am currently testing a "home-made" GPS made by a forum member. Basically you buy the seperate parts and put it together, then a quick BT flash is required I think. Here is a link to that discussion ($50-10hz-gps-receiver-82941/). We had it for our last race, but unfortunately we were hit about ~3 hours in so I don't have a lot of data. I am sure we will do a test day with the car in July/August, so I will post back around then with my experience.

    My second round with the XGPS160 was also a flop. I didn't take screenshots because it was almost identical in behavior/accuracy as the screenshots in the 3rd/4th post in this thread. Not saying its bad, its just that 10hz consistently is not worth the bad position accuracy it has. I would pick the 818xt mostly because its cheap compared to the others. The GLO is not a bad option, but the customer service behavior was abysmal. On the contrary QStarz replaced my 818xt board under warranty after a few e-mails back and forth. Its worked great since then...
  • Hello,
    Here is the difference in speed acquisition with the GPS of my Galaxy S6 phone and the speed sensor of the car via the CAN Bus

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