Choose Audio Track on Export

It'd be great if the export page had an option to choose which audio track to use for the exported video. (This assumes you are using the PIP feature, and therefore have multiple audio tracks present).

I saw this in the general discussion, but wanted to put it here to be "officially" an FR. In my use case, the main video is on the motorcycle pointing forward, and the PIP is pointing backward. The rear facing camera has much less wind noise, and therefore would be my preferred audio source.

Keep up the good work, I absolutely LOVE this app! Even better that I no longer have to deal with the terrible GoPro desktop apps.

Device: Google Pixel
OS: Android Oreo
App: RaceChrono Pro


  • aolaol
    edited September 2017
    Hi, I'm glad you like the app! Yes, it's still a good idea, I will investigate it next time when I spend time with the video export.
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