Faster video export from GoPro

Is it possible to get the videos off a GoPro Hero 6 by using an SD card reader connected to my Samsung Galaxy S8 USB C Port? The slow wifi import makes it hard to analyze data between sessions.


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    It's possible by connecting your phone to an USB-C memory card reader. The files cannot be directly used from the reader, so they need to be copied to the phone first. On many phones, a file manager will pop up when the reader is connected. On Samsung S9, after connecting the memory card reader, file manager can be opened from the status bar pull down "curtain".
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    Great. I have a reader arriving tomorrow. What is the destination copy path that will work with RaceChrono?

  • Folders etc mentioned at end of this tutorial

  • Nice. 2 mins for a 3.6GB file. Much faster than GP wifi. I think you should advertise this feature more prominently under tips for faster data analysis between sessions.
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