App closing after 3 recorded laps.


Hoping someone can help, purchased a Garmin GLO 2 which connects to the RaceChrono app just fine. Problem is the app appears to crash after recording 3/4 laps so when I pull off the track and pull out my phone to check times the app just opens as if it was never recording and when viewing the last session shows only 3 recorded laps, sometimes less or none atall.

Has anyone came across this issue? At first I thought it must be some sort of power saving setting on Android but I've disabled everything and the problem persists. Phone is a OnePlus 3.

Any ideas?


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    It still can be some power saving feature. Try recording screen turned on, as power saving does not usually touch foreground apps.

    1) Which version of RaceChrono are you running? And is it the standard version or Pro?

    2) Which Android version do you have?

    If I get those details I will try to look for crash logs in my Play Store console.
  • It's the standard version of RaceChrono, using Android 9.0.4. Battery optimisation is turned off. Problem with recording with the screen on is the phone is in a pocket in my motorcycle leather suit whilst on track so would probably end up pressing all sorts of buttons.

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    Did you also turn off the app specific optimisation setting?

    Which version of the app are you running?
  • Yup that's turned off. RaceChrono is version 6.0.11.

  • Only crash logs in Play Store for RaceChrono v6.0.11 and Android 9 combination are unrelated (app startup crash). And none of them are from OnePlus phone. I'm still betting on system killing the app. That said it would be nice to know the solution for this...
  • Thanks for help, found an interesting link that was in the forum post you linked too.

    Mentions a few power saving options I didn't know of, and also a way to 'lock' an app in the recent apps list. Will give these a try and report back!

  • After a few test runs I can confirm that locking the app in the recent apps solves the problem!

    More info here:

    This also works for other GPS logging apps such as Strava, which I was having issues with aswell.

    I had no idea this setting existed, so hopefully this helps anyone else with a similar issue, as the website covers different phone manufacturers aswell.

  • Thank you for investigating and solving the issue. I will add this to the FAQ after my holidays.
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