RC not saving sessions if external GPS is used

Hi! I'm using RC Pro ver 6.4.1

Hadn't used it for a while but yesterday I finally made it to the track and it was competitive event so I didn't had much time to troubleshoot.

I had both of Bluetooth gps devices that I used previously with me - old ibt i+ 747 and newer qstarz 818. Both were configured to run 5 hz.

After first session on track with qstarz I noticed that I can't find it in sessions list, although predictive timing was working perfectly fine during the session. I tried to figure out the issue and found that sessions are not saved if I use either of external GPS units. I tried to factory reset one of them to 1hz mode but result was still the same. Internal gps works fine and sessions were saved correctly.

Any thoughts on where should I start with this?


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