Why does RaceChrono record a date 20 years ago? (Also: Why new sessions do not appear to the list?)

This is a known bug in many old GPS receivers, and it is called “GPS week rollover”. Your primary option to fix it is to update your device. As this is not always possible, especially with old devices, RaceChrono offers a work-around to “fix” this.

It also may seem that the new sessions do not appear to the session list. This is because RaceChrono sorts the sessions by the GPS date, and as the GPS date is 20 years ago, the new sessions with wrong date will be sorted to the bottom of the list.

Qstarz Bluetooth GPS receivers

Some older Qstarz receivers suffer from the issue. You have the following options:

a) Check if the GPS firmware can be updated. Please visit this site.

b) Use the RaceChrono work-around described later in this article.

Samsung S3

This is a known bug in the Samsung S3’s GPS firmware (running Android 4.3). Android’s Location API outputs this obviously invalid date; it is not misinterpreted by the RaceChrono app.

Unfortunately the RaceChrono with workaround expert setting is not available for Android 4.3, so you’re limited to following three options how to “fix” this:

a) Ignore the wrong date, it is a bit of annoying, but the app still works…

b) Get an external Bluetooth GPS

c) Update your phone to newer model

RaceChrono work-around (v6.0.9 and later)

In RaceChrono (Pro) v6.0.9 and later, there is a workaround setting for this: RaceChrono > Settings > Expert settings > GPS week rollover compensation. You can select between 19.7, 39.4 and 59.1 years, which will be added to the recorded date. The all the current issues can be fixed with the “Add 19.7 years” option.

Notice that this setting needs to be disabled when switching to a GPS receiver that does not suffer from this issue.