GoPro GPS + Telemetry ODB

Saw this on the android section and would like to see this for iOS as well. Any way to stitch the data + gps + video together outside of RC?


  • The functionality is the same on iOS and Android, so you cannot add OBD-II data to the GPS data that is imported from GoPro. Also RaceChrono is only iOS and Android, but you may find some external PC/Mac applications to do overlaying.
  • Hey @aol, this would be a very nice feature to have, I've been banging my brain over how to do it until I found this post. I can either have OBD+phoneGPS+Video or GoPro GPS+Video but cannot do OBD+GoPro GPS + Video is there any plan to support this?
  • +1 i joined the forum just to try to figure out how to do this too. The gopro gps data is 18x better than my iphone, but would love to be able to add some of my obd2 data onto my video overlays so i can better analyze my laps.
  • Good! lets get more people on board to make this happen!
  • aolaol
    edited October 15
    Not officially supported way, but works:

    1) Create two sessions, one with OBD-II and internal GPS, and another one imported from the GoPro.

    2) Share the files as .rcz, and rename the files to .zip, and extract.

    3) From the OBD-II session, delete all files starting with "channel_1_".

    4) Copy the files starting "channel_1_" from the GoPro session to the OBD-II session

    5) Compress the contents of the folder to .zip and rename to .rcz. If the file does not import then this step has failed. The .zip files need to have exactly the same directory structure as it was, notice how the files are in the root of the archive.

    6) Import the new .rcz file you've just hacked together
  • Thanks @aol will try to make it happen this afternoon if I find time to go to track.
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