GoPro Hero 9: Automatic recording start?


My configuration: RaceChronoPro 7.2.4 on a OnePlus 8 Pro (Android 11) with a GoPro Hero 9 as only camera configured.

The camera is added in Race Chrono and the preview works fine before starting a session. I can also manually start a video recording by pressing the red/white camera button in the preview.
But when driving through my test track the video recording doesn't start automatically when passing the start/finish line ... is that expected? Do I have to start video recording manually first before starting to drive?


  • Ok, after reading i guess the manual start of the video recording is expected and I just had the wrong understanding/expectation :-)

    Would be nice if it could be configured to automatically start recording at a certain event (e.g. when starting the lap/crossing the start-finish line) or at a certain speed (e.g. start recording if speed exceeds 50 km/h).
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