Drift angle analysis for cars

First off I love the software and use it frequently for track days and also drift days. I am very interested if it would be possible to get drift angle of the car as well additional to all the other data allread present.
This dosent have only applications for drifting, but also for time attack / racing as with the drift angle it would be possible to get car slip angle and thus at least partial tire slip angle which would help to asses the car potential emensly - amateurs like us have no access at all to tire slip curves so any proper suspension / geo tuning is not really possible - its mostly guesswork.
I acctually a simmilar device which uses two GPS sensors on the car with a relative distance between them to determine angle and speed, however it is lacking so much data that its not really usable for proper analysis.
I also am a judge of drifting events and of course data of drift angles, line.... would be emensly usefull.

Would it be possible to get this angle.
It is possible to link two GPS recievers to get this data....

I have many specific ideas and suggestion for this which have a lot of usefullnes for drifters, drift judging, analysis for time attack and therefor would like to understand if there is any interest to follow this idea from your side.

To partially understand what I mean I am attaching a video of me driving and recording all possible data I could get. Racechrono data was delayed because I used Go-Pro GPS which is wrong of course and In the future I will use XGPS160 to have more precise data.


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    We are currently developing some functionality that uses accelerometer and gyroscope data. While we're not addressing the drift angle calculation right now, it's something that could be tested after we get the currently developed functionality done. We have some ideas how it could be calculated.

    If you want to help us, you could provide us some data collected on a drift car, while doing some actual drifting: https://racechrono.com/forum/discussion/2126/wanted-test-data-for-new-feature-development

    PS. If you need to adjust the video/data sync, you can follow this tutorial: https://racechrono.com/article/480
  • Hello
    Thank you for your feedback.
    I absolutly want to help you - my next planned session is on 6.march and I will be gathering all data possible.
    Like said I have multiple options to gather data - I also have a Dual xGPS-160 reciever.
    Would it be possible to get in touch over teams or something so that I do everything correctly so that you get as good data as you need.

    Track will be this one - probably a bit modified in layout, but I will create in your database before the event starts (will be making the layout myself).

    Than end of march we will probably be again on another track where I also have loads of data and there I can do the next gatehering of data. (this one)

    These data is all go-pro gps data so I thin not good enough for what you need so old sessions are irrelevant probably. I have loads of them though. Also normal track runs like:

    And I will be doing these type of events later in the year . Probably starting mid april.
    And loads of drift events so I have plenty of track time planned where I can do the data gathering, feedback....
    Phone is samsung S21+
    Also have a S10 and a S10e which I can use at the same time. And 2x Gopro 8 and gopro 5.
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    Well, you can contact me through the support form on the web site and I'll answer with email. But there's not much to it:

    1) Enable "Internal sensors" in the RaceChrono settings

    2) Make sure the phone is securely attached to the car during the entirety of the session

    3) Normal preparations like making sure the GPS is in a good location to receive the GPS signal

    4) Afterwards, make sure to share me the raw GoPro footage (directly from the SD card), as well as the RaceChrono sessions

    Thank you in advance!
  • ok will do, thank you.
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