Wanted: Test data for new feature development

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Hello everybody! We're currently developing a feature that uses and refines the IMU sensor data that is saved when the "Internal sensors" is enabled in the RaceChrono settings. What we need now is more session data to test with.

Requirements for the suitable sessions are:
1) The "Internal sensors" was enabled in RaceChrono settings, when the session was recorded
2) The phone was securely mounted to the vehicle
3) The data was collected on a race track or a rally special stage
4) There is a video for the session

What does NOT matter:
- Your choice vehicle
- How fast or good you are

If you have a suitable session that you can share, and want to help us in improving the app, please email the session file (as .rcz file), as well as the raw video files linked to the session, to tracks(at)racechrono.com . Please make sure to upload the files to a cloud service (such as Google Drive and Apple iCloud) and share only the links to the files in the email. Please make sure to share links that anyone can access (with the link), so they can be downloaded without any trouble.

PS. Your data will be used only in R&D and will not be published or passed forwards!

PPS. Please mention your phone brand and model


  • Hi,
    I think I have a few such sessions, older ones with with my old phone which was mounter on my bike and more recent ones with my new phone which was in my vest pocket.

    Does it need a recent version of racechrono and is there a way to check on old session if the internal sensors was enabled ?
  • aolaol
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    @Quentin old sessions recorded with old RaceChrono are just as good, as long as the criteria above is met! You'll see the accelerometer and gyroscope channels in the analysis screen's channel selection if the internal sensors were enabled for that session.
  • compiling a session, and will send it over. It's about half an hour, with 4K video, so prepare to download a lot of data :smiley:
  • @mart_nl Thank you very much! I don't mind the large size, I have a fast Internet :wink:
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