GoPro HERO9 issues


I'm using Racechrono on Iphone, and I've got a GoPro HERO9.

I've read this tutorial:

This seems a bit outdated, as the attached screenshots don't have Hero 9 and newer cameras in the "Add Camera" dialog, however the actual app does that those.

When I choose "GoPro HERO 9, 10, 11" in the "Add Camera" dialog, I can see my camera name (I've previously paired it in the Quik app), though I don't see "Use Wi-Fi only" mentioned in the article above. I don't see a configuration dialog for the camera once it was added too. So I've just add a camera and that's it.

Then before the session, I hit "Start", go to the "Camera" tab, and the phone asks to join the camera wifi network. I hit join and after some time it looks like the connection is lost.

All in all, session data was written properly, but there were no videos recorded, and there's also no videos in the GoPro itself.

What could be the problem? Am I missing something from the tutorial?



  • The "Use Wi-Fi only" mode works for some older cameras. The current cameras all need Bluetooth + Wi-Fi connection. The Bluetooth is used for turning on the camera, as well as controlling it. The Wi-Fi is used for the camera preview, as well as downloading the files afterwards.

    When you go to the Camera page, the camera preview is initiated, and Wi-Fi connection is attempted. You can disable that by clicking the "eye" icon on the camera control box.

    Many phones fail to connect GoPro camera with 5 GHz Wi-Fi setting. It will be fixed only by setting the camera Wi-Fi to 2.4 GHz. But if the Wi-Fi works with the Quik app, it should work on RaceChrono too.

    Next step would be to click the record button on the camera page. This will save a sync point in RaceChrono where the video file should be, after it's imported or downloaded.
  • Hi,

    Have been using this feature for a while now (thanks for helping on getting started with that!), and noticed a couple of issues:

    1. Autosync doesn't seem to be working properly. I can see that easily as I mount GoPro in a car the way that I can also see the phone screen running RaceChrono. On the phone screen I can see the current lap time, e.g. 1:26,0, and on the overlay the same current lap time is 1:24,9. This ~1 second lag is fairly consistent and appears to be in all videos.

    I import these videos by clicking on the session Videos -> Connect camera -> Download and then just export the overlay video.

    Any suggestions how that can be fixed?

    2. Another issue I noticed: sometimes I connect the camera to initiate videos download. It asks to join the camera's wifi network, I hit 'Join' and it connects. But instead of video previews I only see 'Camera is connected'. When I unfold 'Camera storage', I see "No videos". Usually when it happens, neither Disconnect/Connect nor restarting RaceChrono help solving it.
    Workaround that works for me in such situations is to disconnect the camera in RaceChrono, then open GoPro Quik, connect the camera there, enable media to get WiFi connected, then switch back to RaceChrono, hit "Connect" again and then things start working again.

  • Both problems persist, and problem #1 is quite annoying as manual sync is not easy. It would be a bit easier if I could zoom the video in the sync screen, as like I mentioned, I can see the racechrono display on the video from the camera, but on the phone screen it is too small too see the timestamp without zoom.
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