Garmin GLO 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9 - random disconnects, failure to record

Hello. I recently bought a GLO 2 to record my laps on bike trackdays. I couldn't get the S9 to record reliably when in the chesty pocket of my leathers. On the first trackday, it worked flawlessly: GLO mounted on the clock bracket, phone in my pocket. But this weekend, it barely worked. RaceChrono would connect to the GLO and start recording, I'd put the phone in my pocket and set off. When I came in to the pits, the blue light on the GLO would be solid (phone connection) but the status light would be off. RaceChrono would report "Connecting to Garmin GLO 2...).

Any ideas?

Is there a way I could enable debug logging in RaceChrono to try and figure out what's going on? Where does RaceChrono store its data on the phone?


  • Which Android OS version on your S9? Sounds like the phone is preventing the Bluetooth connection in the background (screen locked). Please see:
  • Sorry for the late feeedback, but that was it, yes. The app settings were correct, but an update must have reset the battery management settings, because they were wrong. It seems fine again now.
  • FYI - I had ssues with the glo not connecting (waiting for #glo msg) to racechrono after upgrading to a new android 12 phone. This was screen on or off. The expert settings / fix seems to have sorted it out. Similar to the thread from 2021 re slow update rate.
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