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RaceChrono uses out-dated Google map ??

edited July 2014 in Track library
I am trying to add custom splits into Inje Speedium Full in South Korea
but the google map in RC does not show the track roads.
So I checked out Google Map and they show the track roads.
This is fairly a new track and it seems to me that RC uses old Google map.
Can you please let us know how to put the latest Google map ?
I need to solve this problem asap


  • edited July 2014
    I'm afraid this is entirely up to Google what map tiles they provide for the Maps component that is available for app developers. The map tiles usually update within few months to the mobile version. Sometimes the new tiles are even earlier in the mobile apps. But it depends...

    If you want to create some new splits, one way to do it is to drive around the track once (in a practice session for example). Then you see the trajectories where the track goes, and you can easily place your splits to center of that trajectory.
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    Can u pls tell me in step by step ?
    1. Load the track and START. A session is started.
    2. do practice laps
    3. Go to Session
    4. where do I add splits ? How to save the track with new splits?
  • Sure, no problem.

    As you are using an existing track, probably downloaded from the library, you need to make own copy of it before able to add new splits. Here's step by step instructions.

    1. Press START
    2. Do practice laps
    3. Either press "session", or stop the session and browse to it from "Sessions"
    4. Press "Track: Select" to select the track you want to modify, unless already selected.
    5. Press "Track: Open", which opens the selected track in a map. You will also see your practice laps' trajectories.
    6. Press "Copy" button from top right corner of the screen. It is the button that has 'documents' icon.
    7. Now the track is named "Copy of..." which means this is your own copy that can be modified.
    8. Press the Trap/Marker symbol from the top of the screen to add new traps.
    9. Use Rotate/Move/Type to place it correctly.
    10. Repeat 8.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.
  • In step 6, I do not see COPY button.
    Between 1 and 2, Do I load the Track?

  • On 4. you load the track. On 6. you should see the copy button if you loaded the track from library. If you selected one of your own tracks, copying is not needed.
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