Italian Translation

Hi all, I'd like to have Italian Translation.
If you need I can supply the translated messages.



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    This is popular request, but so far we have decided against it. This is mainly because we feel that we would be required to have Italian user guide as well, and keeping it up-to-date in multiple languages would be rather painful.
  • Ok, as you want.

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    Thanks for offer! We might do it some day if the software gets very popular.
  • Hi aol,

    your SW is really awesome! If the translations will take place, just let me know, I can take care of Slovak language, including the user guide.

    btw, I'm preparing article on my website - for motocross racing. It's not so accurate - tracks are relatively short and should be a problem with GPS signal sometimes. I'll do some live-tests tomorrow and let you know.
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    Hi, thank you for the translation offer, I'm currently programming new version which will allow easier localization! So when it's done, I will contact you and others who have offered help with it!

    PS. The other founding member of RaceChrono has had very good experience with RaceChrono in Motocross and Enduro! So you should be able to achieve good accuracy at least with a good external Bluetooth GPS receiver. We are using QSTARZ 5 Hz receivers!

    PS. Helmet is the best mounting point for the GPS receiver in motocross!
  • Chinese or Japanese???? LOL.
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    We do have many users from China!! But Chinese support would require separate testing phones (Chinese) and separate binaries, so maybe not... So I keep hoping they all read English well!:)

    Also have some tracks from Japan, but all of them are submitted by Europeans visiting or living there... I guess no-one Japanese owns Nokias. :)
  • Feel free to ask if you need an Italian translation, I will be very glad to help...
  • I made a small tutorial about RaceChrono on an italian minibike forum and many people have started using your fantastic program.
    Some of them have problems with English language so an Italian version would be much appreciated.
    I also will be very glad to help you with the translation.
  • We will open an account to a localization site soon, where anyone can easily translate RaceChrono to their preferred language. I will let you know when we are ready to go forwards with it.
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