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I don't find the track library on the website. Problem with the data ? what is the problem ? Can we dowload the track in the future ? Best regards. philippe 61


  • The track library for non-android version can again be found from . The link is in the new download page. For Android versions the track library can be found inside the app. Notice the non-android track library hasn't been updated for a while.
  • Thank you for the answer. Can you give soùme informations about my post in experience for GPS ?
    best regards Philippe 61
  • I am having trouble downloading the track library on my Samsung S3 with pro.

  • What kind of trouble?
  • It won't download and says to contact race chrono
  • aolaol
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    Ok, try RaceChrono > Settings > sign out, then RaceChrono > Settings > Sign in. Does that work? Also make sure you're running latest version of RaceChrono Pro.
  • It worked thanks
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