Proposal for Paypal Donation for RaceChrono Creator

Hi All,
could that this already exists and works and I have not seen it,
Why do not offer a "symbol" to Antti for his courtesy, professionality, and effort in giving us this optimum "Racechrono" ?
Hi ask Antti, if he agrees, to give us a paypal email for spontaneous donations.
Tnaks All


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    Little paypal contribution sent. Thanks for all effort. Ivo
  • I would donate to AOL for all his hard work and producing such a great product. What's the PayPal email address? Personally I think he should put a donate button on the home page linking to PayPal. He deserves it.
  • Donate button created! See the download page!
  • So I've just sent a small donation as well :-)
    Great software. I love it :) Thanks!
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    Thank you!! I'm glad you like it!Much thanks also all others who have donated!
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