MTK type 1 Hz GPS to 5Hz

I have performed a miracle. Yes, because I am a total noob in electronic this is major for me.

I have a iBlue 737 sitting at home since I have purchased the Qstarz extreme. I guess may as well to try to change it to 5Hz. I have nothing to lose.

The follow link explain it all

You need a QstarzGPSview.exe program to do it. I have it from Qstarz software. But I think you can download it for free.

EDIT: To be exact, I have a 0.5W 1K Ohm resistor.


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    I did that as well for one of my 1 Hz receivers, works fine. Also there is some models that can be configured without any hardware modifications, for example HOLUX M1000 B (or something). Also the factory 5 Hz receivers, like Qstarz BT-Q818 eXtreme are getting cheaper and cheaper!
  • Yes they are cheaper now. But the iBlue 737 is AUD$20 less than the extreme. Not sure, it seems that Q818 extreme is better than others not only because it can do 5Hz, but also some sort of data acquisition accuracy that I don't fully understand.

    BTW, I wanted to try the same for my friends non brand GPS (marked 737) so we have a go. Open it up and the motherboard looks different (but a MTK chipset in-situ and it is a new board, marked 2008). Anyhow, we tried the QstarzGPSview program and it works without resistor. On mine I did try to change first without success. That is before the resistor went in.

    I guess people with MTK chipset bluetooth GPS can have a go with the GPSview software first before opening it up.
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