Importing sessions from RaceChrono v1.45 (Symbian etc.) to current Android version

If you need to import your old sessions from RaceChrono v1.45 (Symbian, Windows Mobile and the hardware product), you can follow these steps:

1) Copy the Sessions\ and Tracks\ folders on the old device to the new device under /RaceChrono/ folder at the root level of internal storage. So your phone internal storage storage will have /RaceChrono/Sessions/ and /RaceChrono/Tracks/ folders. You can also import single sessions by copying only individual *-plots.bin and *-session.bin pairs.

2) Start RaceChrono and then click the "Manage content" button at top of the main screen. It will offer a task to import v1.45 sessions and tracks.

Notice that you might not want to import the tracks that are downloaded from the Track Library, as RaceChrono will detect and download missing tracks automatically from Library when the session is opened.


  • Edited 20.5.2016: Added the "Manage content" part, as the import is no longer started automatically since v4.5.0.
  • Hi, I am trying to follow the above procedure, but I do not have (or find) the "Manage Content" button... I have RaceChrono 4.6.6 + Analysis Pack on Samsung S4 Mini, Android 4.4.2.
    Thanks in advance!
  • edited May 2016
    Top of the main screen, a folder icon. You must have the old sessions at /RaceChrono/Sessions/ for that icon to appear! You might need to create the folder as RaceChrono renames the old folder to RaceChrono.imported when sessions are moved to the app folder.
  • Thank you! It worked now :)
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