New Circuit in Italy: Vò Euganeo Padova

I Sent to cloud new Circuit in Italy: Vò Euganeo Padova polenta e motori.
Looking at recorded tracks with my GoKart I see that the path from Google earth is not respected.
In Track.png?dl=0 I copied a screen shot.
How can I solve the problem?
For recording I used an external GPS with sirf Star III chipset Royaltek receiver.


  • Seems like you need better GPS. Also make sure you have the GPS installed so that it can "see" satellites directly without any obstructions.
  • GPS is in the front of the kart, nothing upside it.
    Is the circuit gong to be uploaded in racechrono database?
    I sent to cloud.
  • I forgot...
    I recorded track start/end and intermediate points with same phone and gps receiver, while recording the path was perfect. If you look at the image It seems like the circuit was shifted
  • Yeah, the GPS data recorded is never absolute. It depends on weather and the receiver / antenna quality.
  • Dual XGPS 160 seems to be the better one, isn't it?
    When do you think track Vò Euganeo will be at disposal in RaceChrono database please?

  • XGPS 160 is better in my opinion, some think GLO is. Vo Euganeo is now in the library!
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