Speed Display whilst riding

Is it possible to have the actual speed as calculated by the laptimer displayed live


  • Not with the "simple style lap timer", but when you switch to the "normal mode" with the "map" display, you can switch gauges with left and right. There you can find a speedo.
  • Sorry but not sure how to switch from
    "simple style lap timer"
    to the
    "normal mode" with the "map" display.
    Any information would be appreciated. I am running a Nokia N95 and have had the software for only 1 day.
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    Maybe this manual page will explain how to see the speed:

  • There is no image of what it looks like displaying XXX kmh.
    Does the image appear when the bike is in motion.
    Would you have a screen shot of how the speed is displayed
  • It looks pretty much like the altitude display screenshot. "The gauge can be changed between satellites gauge, compass, speedometer, altitude and OBD-II channels by pressing left and right keys."
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    When I switch to 'normal mode', the system crashes if I've selected speedometer and I loose the lock to satellites. I cannot resume the session crashed (file corrupt etc..). v1.1 on N70.
  • Thanks for the bug report, I'll investigate it for the next version!
  • Speedo in lap time live view would be nice :)
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