Hi Antti and all,

first things first: happy new year.

I'm (maybe temporarily, but at this time I don't really know) switching to an Apple laptop. Is there any data analyser (like DANAS or such) running on MacOS that any of you know of? And while we're at it, some friends of mine are asking if an iPhone version of RaceChrono is on your plans. Can I tell them to forget about it right about now as I already did, or you think that's going to be possible?



  • Hello Edoardo, it is very nice to hear from you again!

    What comes to Apple desktop, I'm not sure if there is any good analyzer applications. We have plans to create a web analyzer so that would work on Apple as well. Unfortunately things have not progressed, so it is still quite far in the future.

    iPhone is a trickier thing. I love the phone, but currently Apple is making everything they can not to have applications like this on their platform. First the internal GPS data is very filtered, and not good enough for serious use (worse than nokia's internal GPS situation). Even bigger problem is that Apple is not providing Bluetooth support which could be used with external GPS. But I can promise that if Apple releases proper Bluetooth on their phones, there will be RaceChrono for it as well!
  • Antti,

    thanks for your prompt answer. I figured out about the iPhone situation, what with the App store and all - I already told more or less what you're writing here to the people that asked me. As for the MacOSX, I'm realizing right now that DANAS is actually a Java application. Will try it as soon as I can, but I figure the situation might be better than I thought... will keep the forum posted, just in case this is useful to other people.
  • Oh, you are right about Danas, they even say it's a multi-platform installer!
  • Yes, DOH! :) Still haven't had the time to check any data, though, but everything seems fine. Thank god for coders who know what they're doing...
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