Setting traps and segments for straight tracks (routes)

Hi. I haven't yet bought the RaceChrono Pro, but have (quickly) read the docs..and the app looks almost perfect.

I am heading to Tail of the Dragon in TN shortly. Its 318 curves in 11 miles along the edge of Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

I imagine the best way to do this is drive the 11 mile road. Pull over and edit my traps.

Question 1) Will the app know to start whether I am driving N to S; or S to N along a route? This isn't a closed loop circuit.

Question 2) Can I break down the route into sectors more than once? For example - a) I'd want to break down into mile markers; and b) I'd like to end sectors at specific spots (0.2 mi = crud corner; 0.5 mi = Cooper Radar Straight; 1.4 mi = The Wall....etc..). I'd love each run to be able to use either of the sector sets.

Or would I need to make separate tracks? TOTD Mile Markers, and TOTD Corners?




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    1) You will need to start the app just as always, by pressing the START button. Nothing else is required at that point. Track can be configured later. If you need a live running timer, then you'll need to configure the track too at that point. As it's not a circuit, you want to create a track with separate Start and Finish traps. I recommend you create a separate track for both directions.

    2) Yes, you need to create separate tracks with different split markers.
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