Help - using Racechroner Pro and cant add new tracks. Track day tomorrow!!

Hi, I've just got the Racechrono Pro today (GPS - 3.5) and I've added new tracks to the sim card by downloading them from the website and copying them to the sim, but when I put the sim card back in the unit the newly added tracks aren't coming up. I have a track day tomorrow and am desperate!!
Thanks in advance for any help!!


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    This website is for the RaceChrono for Android apps, but I'll do my best to help you with the Touchscreen hardware sold by Roost Industries, that is based on my earlier Windows/Symbian app with same name. I replied to your Facebook inquiry that you should place the track files to \RaceChrono\Tracks folder on the sdcard. Also I think it's a mistake the card doesn't have the tracks preinstalled so you should probably contact Roost Industries about that.
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